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Dora Lewis



It’s hard not to like Christina Martin. Her new album establishes new directions in her music and her career. We’ve only heard the title track from the album so-far, but there is a renewed energy that years of work and experience will pay off with her fifth album release.

She has built a new team going forward. Krista Keough is her Manager for Canada, Tom Kemp with The Feldman Agency now handles her bookings in Canada and she is hoping to increase her exposure with new publicists in Canada and Europe. It is an expensive undertaking for her and partner Dale Murray.

Her CD launch takes place February 19th at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton followed by an appearance at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax on February 21st. Then she tackles Europe again in March and is taking a full band with her. We caught up with Christina while she prepared for the tours ahead at her home. You can her partner, Dale Murray have worked hard to develop a strategy for this release.

There is more to come in the days ahead. New videos are being released in the near future on the making of the album. She’s launched a slick new website designed by Mat Dunlap and a line of clothing with “cozy” t-shirts designed by Geordan Moore. This is the complete package Christina Martin ready for the biggest launch yet. Don’t miss a chance to see her when she roots/folk and rocks your town!

Have a listen to the East Coast Kitchen Party interview online.