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Dora Lewis



With a dash of fear, and a pinch enthusiasm, I’ve started my first blog. I prefer putting actual pencil to paper, but I want to give this a solid try, and I sincerely hope it will be more interesting than my teenage diary and current journal entries.

Do you like this photo of me and my brothers, and our mother Cecile?  Brother Stephane ‘touched up’ this family photo of us from Christmas 1986.

I sure hope blogging is fun. There are WAY too many non-musical tasks that I feel pressure to do as an artist, and I want blogging to end up on my ‘KEEP’ list.

Some of the broad topics I plan to write about include:  Whatever the ‘F’ I Want // Music Business // Tour Life // Writing Life // Hard Times // Family

If you are curious about a specific topic, perhaps I can speak to that, no promises, but send me an e-mail:

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for listening to my music!