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Dora Lewis



I can say that as of recently I’m a Spotify user and fan.  People seem to love streaming sites, for the obvious reason that they don’t have to pay to hear an abundance of great music from around the world.  I chose to pay $9.99 each month to have the ad-free subscription to Spotify, hoping that part of that money can get to the artists/creators.

For years I was not submitting to streaming sites. I felt threatened by a world embracing streaming platforms, as I watched my own physical and digital music sales negatively being affected.  I believe it’s important to properly compensating artists/creators. I do my part by buying digital albums and singles from iTunes, and I buy merchandise from live shows I love as souvenirs. It bothers me,  to think about how much money people are willing to pay on a cup of coffee ($2-$5 or more), or a piece of pie ($4-$9), perishable items that are consumed in minutes, but the same individuals may not be willing to pay .99 for the experience of listening to a song over and over again, even when a large portion of that money goes directly to the artist and their team.  I understand that as a consumer, getting more for less -of something that makes you feel good – feels highly advantageous!

I opted to re-submit my music to streaming sites, after taking it all down for about 1 year.  I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on opportunities for my music to be discovered by new audiences around the globe, and my fans and the industry were letting me know that they wanted to hear my songs on platforms like Spotify.   Did you know, artists in Canada are often judged for grants and awards now,  based on how many streams they have?   I felt like I was further hurting my much-needed chances for receiving support, which is even more critical now that record sales are challenging.

I’m mainly promoting Spotify since becoming a fan of the platform. You can FOLLOW my Artist Page HERE, and check out my playlists:

I jog, and creating my own Spotify Playlist has helped motivate me to get out and run.  Follow & share my SONGS I RUN TO Playlist here:

I’ve been reunited with songs I grew up loving and artists that inspired me to become a performer and songwriter. Listen to my WOMEN WHO ROCK Playlist here:

It was so fun curating Music Nova Scotia’s September Playlist! Have a listen to some of my favourite East Coast musicians here:

Hope you enjoy! I’m trying to embrace and have fun with the ever-changing music industry and consumer habits.