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Dora Lewis

Fall Tour Dates Supporting CAMH

Fall Tour Dates Supporting CAMH

Many of us have personal connections when it comes to mental illness and addiction. I have friends who battle daily, and many are recovered. As an adult I sought counselling and medication (through my family doctor) for severe anxiety. Due to my family history with addiction and mood disorders, I remain cautious when it comes to drug use, and try to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep daily.  I am critically protective of my rest and need alone-time while touring, heck, even at home.  My late brother lived with addiction, and was diagnosed in his 30’s with bipolar disorder. My late father, although undiagnosed, our family suspects that he lived with a mood disorder.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) was one organization that played a role in my brother’s recovery in Toronto. Putting it simply, CAMH is an organization that helps make care better for Canadians. I’m continuing to support CAMH at my Canadian tour dates.  Come to the shows this Fall and find out how you can help improve healthcare for Canadians experiencing severe mental illness and addiction.

For more information on how to access CAMH please visit