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Dora Lewis



ECMA 2009 -Cornerbrook NFLD

It’s strange to imagine what my life would be like, has I not met Dale Murray in 2007.  I was trying to quit music and become a cruise sales specialist!  At that time, I think I was being a lazy musician, unwilling to embrace the ‘business’ side of music.   It has been five years since releasing my first album Pretty Things.

Then one night I was playing a show at Gingers Tavern in Halifax, and after the show, Matt Mays took me aside and asked me what I was doing with my music.  I remember expressing concerns about money, and he basically just told me that wasn’t where my focus should be.  He invited me to a recording session to sing backup the following day, and THAT is where Dale Murray serendipitously dropped by. It was a long and smokey night, and shortly following this encounter, Dale began working with me on what would become my sophomore album Two Hearts.

It was a relief to be making music that resonated with me again.  Thanks to the work with Dale in his Dartmouth basement studio, and a great Maritime musicians,  my live show was shaping up, and I was able to rock things up a bit.   I spent most of my time learning the business side of the music industry, learning how to network and connect with fans, and lovely things began to happen.

I started touring for the first time in my life! I was showcasing on fun stages across Canada. Along the way I was playing A LOT of house concerts to build my fanbase.  I would ask anyone AND their dog if they wanted to host a show, and would email interested people a ‘How to Host a House Concert’ guide.  We played on trains, in pubs and coffee shops big and small.

You can hear for yourself the growth between my debut album Pretty Things and my sophomore album Two Hearts. Here’s where you can find Two Hearts: iTunes   Apple Music   Spotify

Two Hearts Performance – Nova Scotia Music Award Ceremony – New Glasgow 2008

House Concert – Radium Hot Springs

Nova Scotia Music Awards Ceremony – New Glasgow 2008