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Dora Lewis



Joachim Westphal (Pure Live Sessions / Berlin) recorded a short interview and two songs from my new album Impossible To Hold (Releasing March 23).

Christina Martin – 2018 Impossible To Hold European Tour Trailer

It’s great to find people who are passionate about music and creating a quality video/sound recordings to help share the music. Joachim was also very respectful of the artist, for example, he was very open to me hearing the songs and interview before posting, and when I had suggestions, he listened.  I love working in this way.  Thank you!

Christina Martin – Lungs Are Burning – Pure Live Sessions | Berlin

For those of you who don’t know, I wrote the music for this song with Dale Murray one morning back in 2016. The lyrics and melody came after having read about the rising Fentanyl overdose crisis in Canada, I went to sleep, and woke up with a message and melody rolling around inside my chest. Having lost my/our brother/son/friend Stephane Martin to an opioid overdose in 2013, I could feel this shared pain, and the desire to reach for something to fill the void from this loss. It’s not a song strictly about addiction, but addiction is a topic in the song. ‘Do you want to stay private and kill?’ Maybe I’m asking this question to addiction, as if it were a living breathing person, or maybe I’m asking the person living with addiction, or maybe it’s a question to families and friends and communities who don’t know how to address the issue with loved ones, for fear of pushing them away. This I know to be true, people won’t ask for help when they feel shame, and we can help so many people have a better life if we open our hearts and minds to the different struggles we all have. It could be any of us, the same or different circumstances, in need of a hand and heart.

One thing I learned from this shitty loss, was how to be a better daughter, friend, and hopefully sister. If I could TURN BACK TIME (yes, I’m quoting CHER) I would have asked my brother (who I was quite close with) the tougher questions. As hard as I thought it would have been, as much as I feared pushing him away, I would have asked ‘Hey, can we help you, what’s going on, you seem like you are going through a tough time’. Instead, I remember being very ‘busy’ and I ignored some pretty obvious signed that he had relapsed. I’m saying this because I believe that there are other people experiencing something similar and could use some guidance REACHING OUT. Perhaps your friend or family member is in trouble, and you are afraid and don’t know what to do. My advice is to always be kind, be gentle, be persistent, be loving… just BE THERE for them, whatever happens. That’s my advice.