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New Single – This Christmas

New Single – This Christmas

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“Christina Martin is a dynamite Canadian musical talent who I’d listen to 364 days of the year. With “This Christmas”, she’s made it 365.” Jeff Sammut, Host -Sirius XM Canada

“I never thought I would ever write, record or perform a song celebrating Christmas.” explains award winning Canadian singer/songwriter Christina Martin leading up to the digital release of her first Holiday single — ‘This Christmas’ available November 9th. “Holidays stressed me out. Not my parents fault, they always did their best to make it fun, but family dynamics and expectations surrounding this time of year always got in the way of me getting the point of it all. I love my family, and thankfully, I feel like I’ve come around to the spirit of the Holiday season.”

The Nova Scotia based performer was invited to perform a short set of traditional Christmas covers for families Saturday November 24th 2018 during the Halifax Christmas Tree Lighting event at City Hall. It became a challenge and opportunity to examining the journey of how she came to reconnect in a positive light with the Holiday Season.

The artist said YES to the Halifax Tree Lighting gig, before putting pencil to paper on a Christmas song, proceeding with faith she would find her voice working with longtime Producer Dale Murray. “I knew all along this would be a song about finding a new light in this time of year, thanks to new traditions, and travelling with my husband and musical partner Dale Murray. I’m not making any promises, but if it continues to be fun, then we might release a Holiday Album in 2019.”