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Dora Lewis



Hallo Alle! I have arrived in the lovely city of Dachau Germany, where  I will live while we tour over 60 shows in Mainland Europe.  My album Sleeping With A Stranger is officially coming out September 13 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we will also be playing shows in Netherlands and Belgium this Fall.

And now, I should practice my German …
Haben Sie meine neues Musikvideo gesehen? Es war so viel Spaß zu machen! Click on this photo (left) to watch.

Back to English….

Thanks to Duesenberg Guitars Dale and I have some fine new instruments to bring on tour with us! And also, special thanks to the City of Dachau for inviting us.

Hey, did I tell you that I am really looking forward to playing Rolling Stone Weekender Festival November 22/23 near the Baltic Sea!?

You can see all of our tour dates HERE, and watch as I post photos and tour notes on my Facebook Page over the next five-six months HERE.