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Dora Lewis



Did you finish your taxes? Are you over the flu, or whatever other spring-cleaning duties that demanded your attention? I can feel that June will be a great turning point for a lot of us…. that’s my hope.

In 2007 I wrote a song called Hard Day In June from my Two Hearts album. The years leading up to writing that song had been particularly ‘unconscious’ for me. However, I was dedicated to beginning the hard personal work to heal and rebuild. The months of June since 2007 have been extremely positive and regenerative for me. I hope June 2017 will be the same for you!

I had so many plans on how I would spend my month of May 2017. Then unexpectedly, the nasty flu virus swept me off my feet and stole my voice for many weeks. Everything is fine now, however being sick meant that an otherwise steady and busy month became a struggle to get only the most pressing business and personal related items completed. My artistic endeavors took a bit of a backseat.

That being said, I’m happy to say that Dale made incredible progress recording my new songs, despite having had the flu himself for about two weeks. I was unable to record any final vocal parts, but I was able to listen and express my creative opinions (and bug the crap out of Dale), and I recorded some keyboard parts.  I’m thrilled with the direction of each song.  I feel it is our strongest work to date.  We narrowed down the song selection to ten, and though we leave soon for tour dates in Canada and United Kingdom, we feel confident that we will remain on schedule and finish the album by summers end.

I’m off with Dale to perform Lungs are Burning in Canada and United Kingdom starting this week. We have a few band shows as well, in Toronto and then overseas in London, Brighton and Essex.

Once again I’m promoting the work of CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation) at my Canadian tour dates, to raise awareness and engagement.