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Dora Lewis



I tend not to listen to my music unless there is some reason to do so, like I need to remind myself about arrangements before band rehearsals, or I want to write about the album in my BLOG, and need help remembering what was happening at that time.

Stole Something Lyrics:
You said she was the first girl
You thought you’d ever loved
You thought you’d never leave
But you just left
You just left

People say a lot of things. It’s hard to know what is the truth.  Sometimes all you’ve got to go by is a gut feeling.  But then again, sometimes you’ve just got to take a leap of faith and be okay with making mistakes.

In September 2010 I released a record called I Can Too.  I don’t think many people have heard the record.  At that time I was doing my best to figure out how to be a better performer and business woman, but still largely had no idea what I was doing.  I spent a lot of time focused on having healthy personal and professional relationships.  My expectations were much higher for having a ‘successful release’ than with any previous recording, and I was investing more of everything.   It seems to be the case with every album since, always giving it your very best and never giving up.  There were a few songs that had some traction with fans from that album.  ‘Daisy‘ and ‘I Can Too‘ come to mind.  However I really wasn’t marketing most of the songs, I was still finding my ‘sound’ in the studio and on stage, and so the stories and music perhaps got lost.  Today I rarely perform songs from this record.

There were highlights for me when I think back on this album.  First of all, I love the artwork.  Daniel Ledwell heard the record and painted the cover and inside/back paintings based on recurring themes of perseverance and fighting for something.  It’s a great privilege and pleasure collaborating with other artists on an album release.  I recorded a version of Andrew Sisk’s song ‘Subject To Change‘ and Greg Keelor came into the studio to sing it as a duet.  Greg also played baritone guitar on the song. This album also features my first co-wrote with Dale Murray, a song called ‘Take‘, which touches on the relationship challenges that exist when you are a touring musician.

With this record there were some heartbreaks along the way, not my first or last, but I will never regret trusting my gut when it came to making some tough business and personal decisions.  There were so many supportive music industry people giving me great advise and mentoring me early on.  Dale Murray was a real shining light for me as I was going through the height of my own struggles with anxiety and depression leading up to the release of this album. Personally and professionally, Dale was with me through thick and thing.

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