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Dora Lewis



When people ask me what my music sounds like, to simplify I usually respond with “Eurythmics meets Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers”.  I reference those two bands because they are two of my all-time favorites.  I have so many other influences though. I’m  not going to list them all here, but if you are ever really curious and we are chatting, I would be happy to reveal more of my musical romances, but it might take some digging.  It’s funny,  I never think to ask anyone else what music inspired them or what they think their music sounds like.  I guess I don’t think those things are important, but I understand why people might be curious about it.   I always felt music was such a personal experience,  and I rarely talk music with anyone.  I either gravitate to a song or artist, or I don’t.  Doesn’t matter the genre or era.  It’s all about how it makes me feel when I hear it.

With this record, I think thematically Dale and I were aiming for an overall ‘Americana’ and ‘Jangle Pop’ vibe.  I believe I was reaching for something I had yet to really achieve sonically, but Sleeping With A Stranger was another opportunity to develop my storytelling and live performance.

Sleeping with a Stranger is a song about wanting to live an authentic life.

With this release, outside of the studio, I spent my time developing relationships overseas in Germany, the Netherlands, and getting better at playing live with my guitarist and co-producer Dale Murray.  We also made some fun music videos, see below.

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