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Dora Lewis

It’ll Be Alright

It’ll Be Alright

I finally made a record where I kept pushing and asking until every breath and lyric and tone felt right.  It was another exercise in developing my own unique sound and style with a group of musicians who were far more talented than I am.   This album was influenced by some heavy hitting iconic singer-songwriters, and this time I didn’t give up until we nailed a recording I could be proud of in its entirety.  It felt like a re-set, a new beginning.  I poured all of my money and creative energies into this one, together with some stellar musicians and producer Dale Murray.

Why do I keep working with Dale? Well, it’s simple, the work we do together gets better and better. We work well together. It doesn’t hurt to have your own studio at home either. We’ve worked hard to build what we’ve got, and we want to keep putting it to use. Besides, Petty and Bowie are no longer with us, and Jeff Lynne does not answer his emails, so I’m happy to continue working with one of the best producers in Canada.  Perhaps we are not so unique, but I like what we’ve got going on, and the work is evolving. I don’t feel stuck.

It’ll Be Alright.  It’s a nice thought, when you don’t know what your next move should be, or when things get low, to say to a friend in need or to yourself “It’ll Be Alright”.  The song touches on the moments where you are overtaken by a desire to make a decision that is uncharacteristic of yourself, but you can’t help it, and you have only to believe in that moment that even though you are taking a huge risk, everything will work out as it should. It’s a song about desperation. It’s also a song about wanting to believe so much in what someone else is telling you, because it feels better than what you were feeling, and it’s the right thing to do, and everything WILL work out if you just take a step.

I think it was my fathers passing in 1999 where I somehow stopped being so afraid to try new things.  Well, maybe I was still afraid, but I tried new things anyway. I am still super afraid of things, but I’ve learned to live with the fear and not let it stop me.  The memory of watching someone close to me die is still a vibrant reminder that I am only in this body for a tiny bit of time, and I want to experience as much as I can.  You know what I mean.   I have two amazing friends right now, Shannon and Melissa, who are going through something really tough. Shannon has terminal cancer and has been a living inspiration to everyone around him throughout his diagnosis with colon cancer.  Please read their story HERE and I hope that it gives you motivation to seize every day.  Shannon and Melissa are on my  mind as I made decisions leading up to 2018, taking chances, seizing each day, and making time for family and friends however I can admits a busy lifestyle.

I’ve been spending the last months leading up to 2018 remembering how much has happened musically and personally since my first album in 2002, and posting music and photos across my socials (FB, Instagram, Twitter).  It’ll Be Alright was a big step for me musically and professionally. The album brought opportunities I am grateful for.  I’m excited to launch new music in 2018.   I feel fortunate to have amazing people around me – friends, family and colleagues.  I hope 2018 will be a year of love and kindness, new adventures and peace for everyone.

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