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March 23, 2018-03-25Album of the week @

Christina Martin

Impossible To Hold


“Impossible To Hold” is the title of a book that explores women and culture in the US in the 1960s, following the footsteps of strong women who did not live up to the stereotypical ideas of their time. “Impossible To Hold” is also the title of Christina Martin’s sixth album, and that – intended or not – fits very very well, because the Canadian’s songs often convey strong messages and a sense of empowerment.

Martin’s lyrics are not so much extreme, but seem to be very personal, inspired by her immediate environment. “Lungs Are Burning”, for example, addresses the advancing Fentanyl epidemic in her home country, a topic that’s close to Martin’s heart because of her own brother’s drug-related death in 2013. But even though contemplative songs about existential struggles and suffering have become something of a trademark for her in the past, “Impossible To Hold” also reveals a stronger focus on songs that focus on her quest for love and trust. This includes the single “Always Reminding”, which Martin dedicated to her husband, guitarist and co-producer Dale Murray during a recent concert appearance in Essen.

As important as the lyrical content may be to her, Martin’s music is more than just a means to an end; it’s not just about transporting the lyrics with her memorable and sensitive voice. Unlike a lot of similarly motivated female musicians  that favor folk and country elements, Martin sees herself more in the tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks or Tina Turner, with great rock / pop melodies and a subtle 80s touch, but she does not shy away from a healthy dose of more synthetic sounds either. With that she finds her own way between tradition and the Zeitgeist.