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Dora Lewis

Holiday Thoughts and Playlists

Holiday Thoughts and Playlists

It is barely December as I type this. By the time I finish, it could be December.

This is the first year since I was a kid, that I am really coming around to the spirit of the Holiday Season.  It was always a time of year that was threaded heavy with complex emotions around money, family, and anything holiday-related.  It didn’t feel good to spend a few months of the year leading up to Christmas feeling this way.  Maybe I’ll write about it in depth some day.

Well in recent year’s I’ve sensed a positive shift.   Our families have found a combination of old and new traditions, the food tastes better than ever, we laugh a lot, and we play A LOT of GAMES! And this year, I wrote my first holiday song called ‘This Christmas’.    So, it makes sense that I created a 2018 Holiday Playlist with my favourites from the past, and new releases from some very special friends. Please follow and share:

This Christmas released on  November 9th and is has since had over 37K streams alone on Spotify. This is due to it being added to Spotify official playlists in Canada (Noël, Noël, Noël)  and two playlists in Denmark.  Here is one of the Danish playlists:

All this to say, that I am grateful that the song is reaching new audiences. It makes me dream of travelling again to far away places (Denmark!!!!).  It’s encouraging to watch the audiences listening around the world go up, you can track all of this with Spotify analytics, and it gives me motivation to keep sharing.

I made a decision last winter while I was on tour in Europe, to take THIS TIME NOW to not tour (which is how I make a living), and instead to reassess my business model and how I wanted to continue growing as a person and an artist.  I’m happy to say that I think I am partnering with very smart people in the coming year, to explore new ways to keep the dream alive. Had I not listened to myself last winter, had I slogged it out and just continued touring aimlessly without questioning the model, I would not have allowed space for what’s happening right now, healing and growth.   So what I’ve learned, is that sometimes you have to take time, every if you think you cannot afford it, to solve big puzzles, in order to achieve growth.  Am I being mysterious? Maybe a bit.  Yeah, I just feel like this is going to be a good year, and wanted to share my gratitude for simply feeling this way today.  I’ll fill you in as the real fun stuff happens. I always do.

Happy Holidays !